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Official Documentation

Concorde Performance System X comes with a highly detailed PDF manual. You can access it directly within CPS-X itself, or browsing manually to the “Documentation” folder where you installed CPS-X. Please make sure you read this manual before using CPS-X for the first time!


The PDF manual is more detailed; but maybe using the visual clues of a video will make your first steps with CPS-X easier!

Note: This tutorial is for version The tutorial for CPS-X is still under development! The tutorial for CPS 3 starts at minute 8 of the video

Knowledge Base, with FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Did you experience any issue with CPS or have a question not covered in the manual? Please, make sure you check out the Knowledge Base which contains all the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). You will most likely find an answer or solution there!

FSLabs Forum

There are dozens of FSLab’s Concorde enthusiasts. Many of them are CPS-X experts and willing to give you a hand. However, please remember to read the manual and the Knowledge Base before asking! Really!

If all else fails…

You can contact me for customized support. However…

Please be aware that CPS-X is donationware! That means that I develop CPS-X in my free time and I do not charge for it, so I cannot offer the same level of support that you would expect from a payware tool. Also, there is only ONE person behind CPS-X: me! That’s why I must insist that you use all the previous support options before you contact me. That said, I will certainly do my best to try to help you with your problem!