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In this page you will always find the lastest release of Concorde Performance System.

Download the VIP version:

Please note CPS-X is only available for VIP users!

CPS-X VIP Build 723 Full

CPS is and will always be free. However, users who donate have access to the “VIP” version which removes the donation window that pops-up after every CPS start and, sometimes, VIP users can enjoy some new features earlier than Donationware users.

Please, consider making a donation and help this project go on!

This download button is restricted to VIP users. Please, make sure to login first!

Download 116.5 MB

CPS-X VIP (Build 736) Update from 72x

Download 35.0 MB


Please notice that you will only receive a user name and password after your donation has been manually processed. Most of the times that will happen within the next 24-48 hours after your donation.

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Download the Standard (Donationware) version:

CPS-X STD build 720 Full

Download 111.9 MB

CPS-X STD (Build 736) Update from 72x

Download 31.4 MB

Other tools:

Download Afterburner’s FuelBurn.ini and Concorde.air modified files package:

Concorde.air v. 1.7 dd. 2007
FuelBurn.ini v.1.23 dd. 2017-04-27

Please have a look to FsLabs Forum at: Here before using these files
These files are distributed with the kind permission of their creator, Afterburner.

Download 8.5 KB

Download Autosave Cleaner:

AutoSave Cleaner allows FSLabs Concorde X users to delete all files created by the AutoSave feature in FSUIPC4.

Please read carefully the text file included into the ZIP file before using Autosave Cleaner.

Download 627.6 KB