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In this page you will always find the lastest release of Concorde Performance System.

Download the VIP version:

Please note CPS-X is only available for VIP users!

CPS-X VIP Build 762 Full install

CPS is and will always be free. However, users who donate have access to the “VIP” version which removes the donation window that pops-up after every CPS start and, sometimes, VIP users can enjoy some new features earlier than Donationware users.

Please, consider making a donation and help this project go on!

This download button is restricted to VIP users. Please, make sure to login first!

Download 114.9 MB

Please notice that you will only receive a user name and password after your donation has been manually processed. Most of the times that will happen within the next 24-48 hours after your donation.

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Download the Standard (Donationware) version:

CPS-X STD build 762 Full

Download 110.9 MB


Other tools:

Download Afterburner’s FuelBurn.ini and Concorde.air modified files package:

Concorde.air v. 1.7 dd. 2007
FuelBurn.ini v.1.23 dd. 2017-04-27

Please have a look to FsLabs Forum at: Here before using these files
These files are distributed with the kind permission of their creator, Afterburner.

Download 8.5 KB

Download Autosave Cleaner:

AutoSave Cleaner allows FSLabs Concorde X users to delete all files created by the AutoSave feature in FSUIPC4.

Please read carefully the text file included into the ZIP file before using Autosave Cleaner.

Download 627.6 KB