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CPS-X v4.1 in Development

Dear user,

As FSLabs is working on a Concorde 64 bit version, a new CPS-X version is currentely in developement.
Andrew and me are in contact to improve the data exchange between our softwares.

Among the improvement, except for the data exchange:
– Taking into account of fuel density which will match with that of FSLabs.
– Better general code optimization allowing better memory management and faster processing.
– Some cosmetic changes.

Here are some screens of the under development CPS-X version 4.1


CPS-X VIP Build 739 Full install

Dear VIP user,

Here is the latest CPS-X build 739.(See Download page)

Concorde Performance System X
Version 4.0

Build 739

– Fixed VZRC2 calculation bug (BA rules)
– Changed dialog boxes buttons language.
– Fixed CFM/CDC installation issue with FS9.0/9.1.
– Fixed Date format issue with Swedish users.
– Fixed Flight document (PDF) 5 pages limitation.

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