CPS-X VIP Build 739 Full install

Dear VIP user,

Here is the latest CPS-X build 739.(See Download page)

Concorde Performance System X
Version 4.0

Build 739

– Fixed VZRC2 calculation bug (BA rules)
– Changed dialog boxes buttons language.
– Fixed CFM/CDC installation issue with FS9.0/9.1.
– Fixed Date format issue with Swedish users.
– Fixed Flight document (PDF) 5 pages limitation.

CPS-X Build 736 is AS16_P3Dv4 compatible.

Dear user,

The CPS-X build 736 is now compatible with AS16_P3Dv4.
See download page.

CPS-X latest version (build 735) ready for P3D v4

Dear user,

Just migrated to W10 and updated development tool, CPS-X latest version (build 735) is ready to work with P3D v4.
Now waiting for FsLabs…

CPS-X VIP and STD (Build 735) Update from 72x released

Dear user,

CPS-X VIP and STD (Build 735) Update from 72x is released on download page (see release notes).




Dear user,

I will be in vacation from Saturday, June 10th to Sunday, June 25th.
During this time the support service will be closed.

Sorry for convenience.

Pierre Chassang

CPS-X VIP and STD (Build 729) Hotfix 728 released

This hotfix fixes an issue occuring at Fuel module to Performance module move.

CPS-X VIP and STD (Build 72x to 728) Update released

Dear user,

The CPS-X  VIP and STD (Build 72x to 728) Update is released.

– Added same baggage and freight motion behavior than for pax when Pax Lock is activated.
– Added planned aircraft weight, fuel calculation and minimum autorized CG starting supersonic cruise.
– Added message if starting supersonic cruise CG < 59% when 10500 kg will be tranferred to T11.
– Added message if T11 < 10500 kg after all T9 fuel is transferred in T11.
– Added notification of 2 above into flight report.
– Fixed error message when very short subsonic flight is planned.
– Fixed fuel calculation error if supersonic flight < 500 NM. The flight will be subsonic.


CPS-X VIP and STD build 720 Full Available

Dear User,

The latest CPS-X build 720 is available to download on our Download page.

Blue skies and safe landings


Afterburner’s FuelBurn.ini updated to v. 1.23

Dear user,

Our friend Afterburner has updated the modified FuelBurn.ini file to v. 1.23.
See Download Page

CPS-X STD Build 719 RC update 2 is available

Dear User,

The CPS-X STD Build 719 RC update 2 is available on our download page.

The previous version must be installed to proceed update 2

Concorde Performance System X
Version 4.0

Build 719 Release Candidate Update 2

– Added BA rules concerning PLTOW and TOW< 140,000 kg.
– Fixed invalid date format issue in some countries.

Blue skies and safe landings

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